Chill Chasers

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Extend the season with these warming products.

Cooler temperatures are on their way, but that doesn't mean you need to spend the long winter trapped indoors. These products will help you welcome the new season without catching a chill.

Gather 'round the Fire. Fire pits are the perfect solution when hosting outdoor parties during colder months. Use yours to roast marshmallows for a festive get-together. To ensure the safety of your patio, purchase one with a spark guard. Various styles are available from Teak, Wicker & More; 866/263-8325 or

Shine On. The days are getting shorter, but that doesn't mean your gatherings have to end early. Make the most of your time outdoors by installing patio lights. Try one with nautical flair to remind you of summer days on the beach; $199 at L.L. Bean;

Stay Warm. Before braving cold winds, put on this faux-shearling scarf ($20) by Land's End. It's warm and washable, and the pull-through design keeps it in place; 800/963-4816 or

Drink Up. Back to Basics' hot-drink maker ($40) mixes everything from a café latte to hot chocolate―and it has an easy-to-use dispensing valve perfect for filling portable mugs. For starters, try a Creamy Mocha Latte ;

Getting Warmer. Outdoor chores don't wait for summer, so invest in hand and foot warmers that keep fingers and toes toasty for more than seven hours. Place one in your gloves or in your shoes before working on your boat or winterizing your home; 800/518-0938 or

Bring the Heat. For comfort on cold nights, use a patio heater to disperse heat evenly. Purchase one that hangs inconspicuously on the side of your home, or garner attention with a stainless-steel tabletop version. Some heating systems are completely unaffected by wind, perfect for the coast dweller; $179 for tabletop heater, $349 for hanging system. To order, call 888/263-9850 or visit

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