6 Sea-Worthy Ties for Dad

Photo: Stephen DeVries
Try a twist on the classic Father's Day tie with snappy new coastal designs.

1. Alynn Neckwear Micro Sailboats Tie in Yellow, $45; ties.com

2. Vineyard Vines Whale Tail Tie in Pool Side, $85; vineyardvines.com

3. Collared Greens Trout Necktie in Sky, $85; collaredgreens.com

4. Tommy Hilfiger Tie in Orange, $65; tommy.com

5. Bird Dog Bay Bonefish Blues Tie in Coral, $75; birddogbay.com

6. J.McLaughlin Nautical Soldier Tie in Lime/Off-White, $80; jmclaughlin.com

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