Our Favorite Travel Accessories

We won't take a trip without these essentials.

1. Built NY Laptop Portfolio Case ($70 - $80)
Carrying a laptop around can be a hassle. But our online editor, Gayle K. Christopher, totes her Dell in sleek, coastal style. "The Built NY Laptop Portfolio Case is made of cushy, neoprene scuba-suit material," Gayle says. "It protects my laptop beautifully and gives me the feeling of being near the ocean―no matter where I am." Call 212/227-2044 or visit builtny.com.

2. Travel Toothbrush ($20)
Gayle, an outdoor enthusiast, looks for products that make the transition from trail to travel. Her must-have accessory for backpack or carry-on is the space-age Travel Toothbrush. "I can fill the handle with my favorite toothpaste rather than settling for the stuff I can find in an airline-approved quantity," Gayle says. "This may be overkill for a toothbrush, but I love the 007 gadget-like quality." Call 800/458-4438 or visit sahalie.com.

3. MOTORAZR2 V9m for Verizon ($250)
When it comes to cell phones, our world-traveling executive editor, James Schwartz, needs international service. "I'm a total convert," says James about his Motorola RAZR2 V9m. "Having a quad-band phone that works worldwide makes every part of travel easier. I can call ahead when I'm running late for dinner, phone my airline to change flight reservations―even check with the pet sitter to make sure my dog is faring well in my absence. A luxury? No way. My cell phone is a travel essential." Call 866/289-6686 or visit www.store.motorola.com.

4. QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones ($349)
Maybe it was the cross-country flight when James was seated in row 27, directly in front of the 2-year-old twins in row 28. Or, it could have been the time he was surrounded by the high school hockey team while his plane was stranded for six hours on the runway. "One of those aural adventures convinced me to spring for noise-canceling headphones―and they're worth every penny," James says. "Colicky infants? I don't hear them. Boisterous athletes? Haven't noticed. These days I sit down, buckle up, and drift away into silent bliss." Call 800/999-2673 or visit bose.com.

Also worth trying, audio-technica's ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones. Call 330/686-2600 for dealer information or visit audio-technica.com.

5. The Extra-Roomy Opening DreamSack ($75)
Managing editor Vicki Weathers requires a DreamSack to get her beauty sleep on the road. "I just like to have something between me and the last person who was on those hotel sheets," Vicki says. Sleeping in a sea of 100-percent silk is great, but not worrying about turndown service is priceless. Call 800/670-7661 or visit dreamsack.com.

6. Save Your Back Bag ($54―$99)
Former senior editor Susan Haynes isn't a clotheshorse, but when it comes to traveling she believes nothing is more important than having the accessories. "I would like to purchase an entire wardrobe from Norm Thompson and TravelSmith," Susan says. In fact, she loves the Norm Thompson Save Your Back Bag so much she owns two―one black, one red. "Over the years I've watched women hauling around their $700 designer hobo bags, and I simply grin to myself as I healthfully march along," Susan says. Visit normthompson.com.

7. Marc Modavi Moccasins ($65)
Lifestyle editor Sarah Brueggemann exits planes in coastal style in sea-blue Marc Modavi Moccasins. These flight-friendly shoes are light on her feet and in her luggage. "What a great idea!" Sarah says. "With metal detectors everywhere, no one wants to fumble with laces or worry about setting off alarms.""Call 800/950-1600 or visit travelsmith.com.

8. Buzz OFF Canvas Sun Hat ($26)
"I can't tell you how many times I've been eaten up by bugs during photo shoots in the Carolinas," Sarah says. Things are different now that the Canvas Sun Hat is perpetually atop Sarah's head when she's on location. Not only is this floppy hat infused with the odorless BUZZ OFF Insect Shield, it also has Sun Guard 30+, which block 98 percent of the sun's harmful rays. Call 800/644-7303 or visit exofficio.com.

9. Essential Starter Kit ($30)
Features writer Susan Kim practically lives out of her suitcase. To save time and space, she relies on the Essential Starter Kit by Malin + Goetz, which is perfect for travel. "The 1-ounce bottles of lightly scented face cleanser, face and body moisturizers, bergamot body cleanser, shampoo, and conditioner not only comply with airline carry-on restrictions, but they also have an easy push-top opening," Susan says. Call 212/244-7771 or visit malinandgoetz.com.

10. Bucky Shades ($25)
The one item Susan won't leave home without is her Bucky Shades, which cradle her eyes with a plush and curvy silhouette. "Unlike the thin airline eye masks, this one has a thick, 100-percent-light-blocking lining that doesn't put pressure on my eyes," Susan says. Call 206/545-8790 or visit bucky.com.

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