25 Romantic Rooms

Experiment with soft linens and sweet accessories to transform your living space into a swoon-worthy retreat.

Rustic Island Bedroom

Photo: Tom McWilliam

Whispery White

Whitewashed pitched ceilings and mosquito netting add a touch of drama and romance to an otherwise simple space. The mosquito netting also softens the rustic look of wall-to-wall wood and allows for snoozing with open windows to let salty breezes blow through.

Outdoor Room

Photo: Buff Strickland

Poolside Pillars

Dividing a pool and patio with opulent stone pillars and elegant curtains lends a Grecian feel to this outdoor living space. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors lets views in and provides quick and easy access to the water.

Modern Living Room

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Nature View

Nature-inspired hues on throw pillows against a neutral backdrop create a cozy, peaceful space to curl up with a loved one. An oversize chandelier in soft white adds understated drama and the right amount of ambient light.

Blue Seaside Bedroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Waterside Hideaway

Make the most out of a seafront haven by allowing bedroom walls to open up completely to the sea. Serene blues complement the placid waters, while mosquito netting adds a sigh of romance.

Canopy Bed

Photo: Tria Giovan

Dreamy Tent

A draping canopy hangs from the ceiling to provide a sheer covering for this four-poster bed. The hand-blocked printed linen is lined with a high-sheen shimmery silk to create an exotic, luxurious feel.

Moroccan Bedroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

A Whole New World

Accents and textiles inspired by Morocco and Indonesia create a romantic blend of exotic colors and prints. A bright white canopy keeps passionate pink, deep royal blue, and stained wood from being too overwhelming.

Wood Room

Photo: Annie Schlecter

Jungle Treehouse

Use white bedding and colorful pillows to lighten the look of floor-to-ceiling wood. A textured rug and mosquito netting echo rain forest influences; a hammock provides the perfect napping spot for two.

Island Bedroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Secluded Island

Open up your bedroom space to nature with folding shutter doors. Create an isolated sanctuary with luxurious white linens, beachy textures, and tropical elements such as palm fronds and seashells to create an island-like sanctuary.


Indoor Outdoor Bedroom

Photo: Tria Giovan

Private Nook

Rethink romantic hues. Sea foam and aqua create a serene space, and carved stone side tables and unfinished teak add seaside elements. What better place to enjoy a coastal view than from under the covers?

Outdoor Gazebo

Photo: Tria Giovan

Outdoor Affair

A draperied gazebo creates a tropical hideaway and a picturesque setting to witness a storm, escape the heat, or enjoy an alfresco meal.

Shabby Chic Living Room

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Peaceful and Surreal

Fresh accents such as pink roses and palm fronds lend color and elegance to a soft and neutral space. Sheer curtains let in just the right amount of light.

Shabby Chic Dining Room

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Rustic Romance

Vintage knickknacks and weathered furniture give this kitchen rustic, cozy charm. A shimmery chandelier with soft traces of pink makes the space a dreamy dwelling.

Cottage Bedroom

Photo: Sophie Munro

Lost in Thought

Simple furnishings match the feel of this quaint, cottage space. Details such as textured white bedding, lacy curtains, and a sheer canopy are all this room needs.

Outdoor Bench

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn

Beachy Oasis

You can create a romantic space anywhere. Build a relaxing spot in your own backyard by hanging a canopy over a cushioned bench. Bohemian, block-printed cushions add comfort and color to this resting spot.

Blue Bedroom

Photo: J. Savage Gibson

True Blue

The key to a romantic refuge is a peaceful palette. Serene blues create a calming space; a delicate chandelier adds an extra dose of elegance.

Outdoor Bath

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Outside the Expected

An outdoor bath creates a relaxing retreat from the routine of everyday life. To feel closer to the sea, choose ocean hues, paint an antique tub in a sea-inspired theme, and then finish the look with a driftwood mirror. Don’t forget the candles and bath salts!

Beach Bathroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Natural Element

A combination of neutral hues and textured elements references a peaceful spa experience with a loved one. Opalescent tiles create a shimmer effect, which inspires a soothing atmosphere.

Beach Bedroom

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Sleep In Style

Calming neutrals create a peaceful sanctuary for blissful slumber with colors chosen both for warmth and their reference to the scenic landscape.

Traditional Bedroom

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Room Service

Pillows and plush fabrics soften the geometric lines of the four-poster bed. White floors open up the space even more, while a fireplace warms up the space on chilly seaside nights.

Villa Bedroom

Photo: Jean Allsopp

Take Two

A thatched roof, tribal motif, and soft mosquito netting reference this bedroom’s far-off locale. A wall that completely opens to the sea lets cool breezes flow in.

Patio Decor

Photo: Paul Costello

Backyard Paradise

An outdoor lounging space surrounded by island palms is inherently romantic; fiery bursts of red and sheer curtains only add to the intimate atmosphere.

Neutral Bedroom

Photo: Richard Leo Johnson

Mirrored Effect

An ornate, textured ceiling and a graceful chandelier provide contrast to simple decor. Metallic hues and a mirrored motif create a shimmery, glamorous effect.

Seaside Teahouse

Photo: Lisa Romerein

Seaside Decadence

This teahouse is a space designed for indulging. A French iron daybed, crystal chandelier, gauzy tie-top drapes, and garden urns filled with seashells make it an ideal spot for watching a sunset.

Modern Dining Room

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Classic Elegance

Sparkling white floors, billowing window treatments, and bamboo Chippendale dining chairs create the right blend of classic glamour and modern appeal—a perfect space for flirty conversation and a glass of wine.

Island Bedroom

Photo: Sophie Munro

Tropical Bliss

Vibrant tones set a passionate mood in a classic island space. Deep blue contrasts with heavenly whites to create this tropical escape for two.

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