Condo Variations

Courtesy of Devaun Park

Currently under development in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Forbes Park is billed as an environmentally friendly loft complex. It's in a cluster of buildings that housed an ink- and paper-production facility and then an industrial park, in a small city at the mouth of the Mystic River, just north of Boston. Plans for the roughly 300 open-floor-plan units call for natural, recyclable materials and passive solar heating. The developers hope to provide water-taxi service to downtown Boston and a fleet of super-efficient DaimlerChrysler "smart cars" available for residents' use;

Devaun Park, in Calabash, North Carolina, reflects the New Urbanism philosophy, applied to a waterfront site on the Calabash River in the southern part of the state. Currently there are only single-family homes at Devaun Park, but condominiums, duplexes, detached and attached single-family town houses, and multifamily residences are slated for construction. Owners seek to re-create the small-town feel of past eras with six neighborhoods grouped around a town center. Eight miles of sidewalks link shops, offices, schools, churches, restaurants, and parks; 910/575-6500 or

When complete, Deep Harbour, in Cambridge Creek, Maryland, will include 288 condominiums and 92 town houses. The development lies on an 18-acre Chesapeake Bay waterfront site in downtown Cambridge, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The private-entrance community includes 52 new boat slips, a swimming center, a hotel, and a restaurant. An easy walk leads to revitalized downtown Cambridge; 301/621-8151 or

The Homestead

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