Regional Snapshots

SYWTLI - SS - Regional Snapshots

Shelley Metcalf

  Attractions:  Scenic beauty, mild winters, water sports, urban amenities, arts and culture, rural charm, Southern California beaches
  Drawbacks:  Rain in the northwest, wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, rural isolation

  Attractions:  Urban amenities, arts and culture, quaint towns, history, beaches, lobster, water sports
  Drawbacks:  Heavy development, winters in the north, hurricanes in the south

  Attractions:  Beaches, warm weather, fishing, water sports, tranquil lifestyle
  Drawbacks:  Hurricanes, storm-related economic stress, rapid development, erosion (Louisiana), heavily industrial landscape (Texas)

  Attractions:  Scenic beauty, friendliness, water sports, fishing
  Drawbacks:  Winters, rural isolation, post-industrial economic challenges

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