Rumson Rundown

Lorenzo Bevilaqua
Insiders' guide to life in Rumson

Setting: Rumson, in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is a suburban town with easy access to the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers and the beaches of the Jersey Shore. The Borough of Rumson encompasses 5.2 square miles, and the population is a little more than 7,000.

Attractions: Rumson is a quiet community about an hour's drive from Manhattan, depending upon traffic. Commuters can also reach Manhattan via the SeaStreak fast ferry departing out of nearby Highlands, or by train from Red Bank, New Jersey. Rumson has a low crime rate, excellent schools, a country club, and six public parks.

Drawbacks: Property taxes are extremely high. If you're looking to live in a multicultural area, Rumson may not be for you; the population is predominantly white. Although there are a few small shops and markets, you'll need to drive to the next town for grocery stores or larger retailers.

Housing: Along much of the Navesink's edge and on the rolling hills above the town you'll find larger homes and estates; closer to the town's center are more-modest houses on tree-lined streets. Prices range from about $500,000 for two- or three-bedroom cottages, ranch houses, and colonials to well into the millions for estates.

Your next-door neighbors: The Boss (Bruce Springsteen, to non-acolytes) lives in Rumson. So does TV newsman Geraldo Rivera. Other residents tend to be well-educated professionals (think Wall Street executives), many of whom are married with children living at home.

How you'd spend your free time: Boating, eating at local restaurants (Salt Creek Grille and David Burke Fromagerie are favorites, says resident Thomas Shea), and enjoying the amenities of the area's beach clubs and country club.

(published March 2007)

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