Green Scheme

Courtesy Green Home
Eco-friendly tips and products encourage environmental responsibility on our coasts and inland.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with a little kindness to the environment―a good idea year-round. Here are tips from Earth Share that are important inland and along our fragile coastlines. For more, visit

• Break the loops of plastic six-pack rings so marine animals don't become tangled in them.
• Install covers on pools and spas to limit evaporation.
• When you're boating, carefully stow trash until you've docked to avoid polluting the ocean and endangering sea life.
• Patronize commercial car washes that recycle their water.
• Purchase nontoxic cleaning products that are biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and unscented.

Products made of recycled or renewable natural materials help preserve the environment and provide economic opportunities. Check out these kitchen items that blend environmental responsibility with seaside style.

Something's Fishy
Beach dwellers seeking a stylish cool drink will flip over these cobalt goblets ($46 for four). These one-of-a-kind glasses are made by removing the top halves of discarded bottles, then turning them upside down and stretching the bowl with intense heat. Some designs feature a school of tiny fish around the edge of the glass in a whimsical pattern. To order, visit or call 877/282-6400.

Do You Bamboo?
Bamboo utensils ($3-$8) are quickly becoming a hot new culinary trend, but not simply for their aesthetic appeal. Produced by Bambu, these natural, 100 percent organic utensils utilize a sustainable wood crop. Because they are stronger than wood, and they're heat and stain resistant, you'll be looking for a reason to use them. To order, visit for store locations.

Backsplash of Sea Glass
Bring a surge of the sea into your kitchen with recycled glass tiles from the Seaglass collection by Eco Friendly Flooring (pricing starts at $1.75 per tile). Created in an endless variety of vibrant colors with a frosted finish, these tiles will transform plain white walls into works of art. To order, visit or call 866/250-3273.

Cut Loose
Prep work becomes efficient and entertaining with these scratch-resistant cutting boards from Yemm & Hart ($16-$20). Made from 100 percent post-consumer plastic, they protect countertops and the environment. The wide range of available colors complements every beach house. To order, visit or call 877/282-6400.

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