Trina Turk's Beach Essentials

Fashion designer Trina Turk shares some of her favorite shore-inspired things.

Trina Turk: Fashion Designer

Jonathan Skow

What’s In Her Beach Bag?

Claim to fame: Trina Turk is known for her spot-on use of vivid colors and graphic patterns.

Favorite beaches: the Greek Isles, Amalfi Coast, and Southern California

Trina Turk Miami Vice tote bag

Ted Tucker

Designed to Sell

Trina Turk Miami Vice Tote, $198;

The tote “looks great anywhere from the sand to shopping,” Trina says. “There’s plenty of room for all the items I need for a day on the beach, and I love the vibrant colors.”

Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock

Ted Tucker

High and Dry

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (SPF 70), $11;

“I love the sun, so it’s important that I lather a high SPF on my face and reapply frequently,” Trina says. Neutrogena combines Helioplex sun protection and Dry Touch technologies to provide ultimate UV protection with a light, non-greasy finish. It’s also waterproof and sweatproof, and resists rub-off.

Ted Lapidus B06 sunglasses

 Ted Tucker

 Eye Spy

Ted Lapidus B06 sunglasses, $195;

“Vintage shopping is my favorite hobby,” Trina says. “I am always on the lookout for a great pair of oversize sunglasses to match my bathing suits and cover-ups.” These French 1970s glasses feature large brown gradient lenses so you can look great and see clearly.

Sigg Water Bottle

Ted Tucker

Just Add Water

Sigg Water Bottle, $22;

This blue 20-ounce traveler is leak-proof, lightweight, and durable. A patented liner ensures that this aluminum bottle will not leach anything harmful into your water. “It’s reusable and eco-friendly but still manages to look sleek,” Trina says.

Trina Turk Bikini

Ted Tucker

Suit Up

Trina Turk Satin Solid Bikini. Buckle Front halter, $77, and Buckle Side Surf hipster, $79;

“Fuchsia is one of my very favorite colors,” Trina says.

Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired

Ted Tucker

Let It Shine

Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired, $24;

“No need to forgo beauty products just because you’re on the beach. I like to have some color and shine on my lips,” Trina says. Whether you use it alone or over another lip color, the lacquer packs a high-gloss punch. Sheer pigments deliver just the right amount of color, and a unique texture prevents color from bleeding.

Spanish Marcona Almonds

Ted Tucker

Go Nuts

Spanish Marcona Almonds, $13 for ½ pound;

“My favorite snack―these nuts are both sweet and salty,” Trina says. Native to Spain, these delicious almonds are known for their flavor and health benefits. A recent study suggests eating a handful of almonds daily can lower LDL cholesterol by 3 percent.

Trina Turk Coachella tunic

Ted Tucker

Light and Easy

Trina Turk Coachella Tunic, $193;

“This tunic is light and easy to pull on over a bathing suit―great for a poolside lunch,” Trina says.

Piz Buin spray sunscreen

Ted Tucker

Skin Saver

Piz Buin Oil-free UVA-UVB Spray (SPF 15), $47;

“This company has a variety of options to choose from, and they do a great job of keeping my skin moisturized,” Trina says. UVA-UVB broad-spectrum protection protects skin from the sun’s harsh rays, while Vitamin E helps neutralize free radicals that age skin prematurely. The quick absorbing formula also resists sweat and water but allows skin to breathe.

The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

Ted Tucker

Relaxing Read

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, $12;

“Things get so crazy in the office that it’s nice to sit down with a good book while I’m on the beach,” Trina says. “This one put everything in perspective for me.” Didion’s memoir follows her through the year after her husband’s death. Drawn into a state of “magical thinking,” she weaves a collection of moving essays.

Canfora Irina Turquoise Sandals

Ted Tucker

Sweet Feet

Canfora Sandals Irina Turquoise sandals, about $325;

These authentic sandals are handmade from natural Italian products by the Canfora family. Even celebs covet the leather footwear from Capri Island. “Jackie O. was a fan of these sandals!” Trina says. “They’re super soft and have interesting embellishments.”

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Ted Tucker

Simply Soothing

Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6;

One of Trina’s long-time favorites, the multipurpose lip balm soothes, calms, and heals dry lips, as well as the sting of minor burns. It’s also moisturizing for super dry areas such as elbows and knees.

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