Homemade Hints

Homemade ice cream can be hard work. Here's how to get the most reward for your effort.

Skip the skim milk; whole milk makes a richer dessert.

Use fresh, ripe fruit to ensure the best flavor. Sweeten it before adding to your mixture to keep fruit soft. Mashed fruit distributes throughout the ice cream more evenly.

Fill the canister two-thirds full or to the fill line so the ice cream can expand as it freezes.

Use crushed ice and plenty of rock salt so the mixture will freeze. (But too much salt may cause ice crystals to form.)

Start cranking slowly for an even temperature; speed up as ice cream freezes.

For thicker, richer ice cream, take out the dasher, pack down the ice cream with a spoon, and replace the lid. Then place foil over the hole in the top, and put the canister back in the container. Repack with ice and salt, using more salt this time. Wrap newspaper or a towel around the top, and let stand for about one hour.

Seal leftovers tightly, and store them in your freezer no longer than one week.