Corinne Litzenberg

"The Sand Lady" writes books that teach kids to respect the coast.

Corinne Litzenberg
Photo: Michael Luppino

Children's book author and second-grade teacher Corinne Litzenberg tells beach tales through a character created from shells and sea grass. Corinne's hardcover books, The Sand Lady: An Ocean City, Maryland, Tale and The Sand Lady: A Cape May Tale, show young readers what the seaside towns were like 100 years ago and emphasize caring for the natural world.

 chapter one: "My family and I spend a lot of time on the coast. One year my daughter, Natalie, drew a lady in the sand." In Corinne's series, this sand lady comes to life and guides a young girl on an adventure through time.

 beach vocabulary: The books include a glossary of words that children, or even adults, may not know―from Victorian-era fashion terms (millinery) to beach life (the piping plover).

 coastal caring: "The sooner children learn about their favorite beach environment, the more they will appreciate it."

 staying sandy: "To fully experience a character, you have to try to be that person. My coastal home and beach memorabilia have convinced me I am The Sand Lady."

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