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Hang 20
Photo: Michael Schrager

 For coastal canines: 

 Hang 20 
Take Spot to the shore for a day of surfing and philanthropy. On September 9, Del Mar's North Beach will play host to the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, benefiting Helen Woodward Animal Center. Check out new pet and surf products at sponsor booths, and register your pup in a costume contest. For more information or to register, call 858/756-4117, ext. 312, or visit animalcenter.org.

 Reel Cool 
The DogFisher Rod & Reel ($24) lures dogs with its rubber fish and bone. The rods, collapsible for storage, include a mini tackle box in the handle for the second lure. Call 877/224-7387 or visit bamboopet.com.

 Ruff Play 
The Combat Hula Girl and Big Kahuna ($11 each) are perfect dog toys for the pet with tropical taste. They float, and are guaranteed to outlast other soft dog toys or they'll replace it for free. Call 877/224-7387 or visit bamboopet.com.

 Paw Protection 
Pamper your dog's soles with Paw Rub ($18 for 3 ounces). The all-natural formula combines shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E to protect and moisturize sensitive areas. It's safe for human use, too. Call 866/364-7720 or visit cainandablecollection.com.

 Ahoy, Mate 
As part of Bailey & Wags couture line, the Anchors Away cotton sweater ($120) is best for small dogs. The double-breasted sweater features white anchor buttons. Call 800/887-5448 or visit baileyandwags.com.

 Dry as a Bone 
After a romp through the surf, pat down your pooch with a Soggy Paws Towel ($23-$28). The dual, double-stitched pockets allow you to hold your dog with one hand and dry with the other. Call 800/887-5448 or visit baileyandwags.com.

 Pup's Private Igloo 
Create a shady space for your dog with a red or navy Nantucket Beach Cabana ($215). The removable sleep pad is suitable for the beach, patio, and backyard, for dogs up to 40 pounds. Call 800/887-5448 or visit baileyandwags.com.

 Tied and True 
Give the furry captain of your vessel a Sailors Knot Collar ($38). Each is made with water-repellent cord to prevent discomfort. A matching 5-foot-long Sailors Knot Lead ($42) boasts waterproof materials. Call 877/762-7268 or visit mymascot.com.

 Fido Fashion 
The Essential Beach collar ($38), water-resistant and made with antimicrobial material, offers a bone-shape buckle and bright color options. Call 877/762-7268 or visit mymascot.com.

 Treat Time 
Reward your pup with Whole Life Cod ($10) treats. Each bite-size nugget is free of additives, chemicals, and preservatives. Call 866/387-7954 or visit furrylittlemonsters.com.

 Tropical Infusion 
Flip-flop collars ($22), available in four colors, come in just the right size for your pooch. Call 773/636-2051 or visit loopschicago.com.

 After-Sun Therapy 
If your pup has too much fun in the sun, use Dermagic Aloe-E Restoring Crème ($20) for sunburns and hot-pavement abrasions. Call 800/568-0820 or visit dermagic.net.

 Under the Sea 
This preppy polo ($39) is perfect for spring pups. Blue embroidered whales lend a touch of seaside chic to the 100-percent cotton top. Call 404/869-2476 or visit piecesinc.com.

 Take a Break 
Don't hit the beach without the Thirsty Dog Portable Pet Water Bowl ($6.24). Fill the wide-mouth bottle with cool water (and a few ice cubes). When your pup needs a sip, pop the stopper and H 2O will pour into the attached bowl. Call 800/603-3647 or visit dogdecor.com.

 For our feline friends: 
 One Fish, Two Fish 
A shiny brass buckle cinches the deal on these goldfish cat collars ($12). Constructed of woven ribbon and nylon, the collar's red fish swim across aqua or royal blue "water." Call 888/838-6780 or visit trixieandpeanut.com.

 Feline Fetch 
The CatFisher Rod & Reel ($24) casts a catnip-scented mouse some 40-feet for your kitty to retrieve. Similar to the DogFisher Rod & Reel, the rod collapses for storage and a small compartment within the handle holds a second lure. Call 877/224-7387 or visit bamboopet.com.

 Catnip Crustacean 
Available in blue or red, the Maine Lobster Toy ($5) has organic catnip stuffed into its soft "shell." Call 888/838-6780 or visit trixieandpeanut.com.

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