10 Things To Do in 10 Minutes

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While Your Newman's Own® Complete Skillet Meal is Cooking

1.  Watch the sunset.

2.  Call a friend.

3.  Put on your favorite CD.

4.  Make a dessert with your children.

5.  Set a themed dinner table.

6.  Prepare a salad.

7.  Talk to your kids about their day.

8.  Check your email.

9.  Light some candles.

10.  Wind-down with a glass of wine.

Newman’s Own® Complete Skillet Meals for Two are naturally delicious and made with flavorful all-natural sauces and freshly-made pasta. From Italian varieties like Chicken Parmesan & Penne and Chicken Florentine to Asian favorites like Beef & Broccoli, there’s one to suit every taste. They’re restaurant quality meals you just have to heat up—ready for two in 10 minutes! Plus, all profits go to charity.

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