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  1. All Hail, Prince Rupert Visitors seeking First Nations culture plus a dollop of English empire head to Canada's Northwest coast.
  2. Adventure with a Soft Pillow Three of Southeast Alaska's most inviting inns can be reached only by seaplane or boat. For the best approach, head in by kayak.
  3. Bahamian Rhapsody With your own house and boat for a week on a private Caribbean island, you can explore these gorgeous waters from sunup to happy hour.
  4. Easing Into Nevis Visitors resort to relaxation on a West Indian island that's well off the beaten path.
  5. Time-out in Mexico "The beauty of this island is the ocean, the peacefulness, the way you can be yourself without any doubts or regrets." -Joseph Arreola
  6. Technicolor Islands Threaded together by elongated sand dunes, the Magdalen Islands enjoy sacred solitude in the north Atlantic Ocean―an archipelago of chromatic, ethereal allure.
  7. Rock of Ages The Atlantic Ocean exalts Newfoundland, a wind-whipped, rugged island whose unbridled beauty cradles an indefatigable spirit.
  8. Big Island, Big Fire For centuries, the Hawaiian goddess of fire has hopped across the Pacific, furiously building one island after another. Welcome to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the home of the legendary Madame Pele.
  9. Pacific Pearl A classic Mexican resort town, Mazatlán preserves its old-world charm.