What to Pack for ... Maine

Pack like a pro with these insider tips

1. Aqua Socks: They call this the rocky coast for a reason. If you want to explore at low tide, you'll need sole protection.

2. Slickers: Morning fog and evening showers make coastal Maine dramatic―and wet. Bring a raincoat, and be prepared.

3. Sunglasses: When those showers pass, you'll want to enjoy spectacular views.

4. Binoculars: Maine boasts an incredible diversity of plants and animals―many of which are best enjoyed from afar. (Black bears, for example.)

5. Sunscreen: The mean temperature may be 49 in Portland and Bangor, but reflected rays from the sun are still powerful. Cover up.

6. Insect Repellent: Everything you've heard about local black flies and mosquitoes is true. Mainers recommend Ben's 100 Insect Repellent, effective for up to 10 hours.

7. A Sweater: See #5 above for mean May temperature!

8. Delorme's Maine Gazetteer: A fabulously detailed atlas (produced by a local company), that shows every back road you'll want to explore. Visit delorme.com.

9. Easy Listening: CDs from Maine pianist and composer Paul Sullivan. Visit rivermusic.com.

10. Required Reading: Essays of E.B. White, who lived near Blue Hill and wrote lovingly about the state for more than 40 years. Visit bluehillbooks.com.

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