Barbuda Bound

Kevin Garrett 
The scoop on island lodging, dining, and sightseeing

For everything from Barbuda's ancient history to the latest local gossip by DJ "Jicky," visit Barbuda's currency is the East Caribbean dollar, but U.S. dollars and major credit cards are accepted. Barbudans speak English laced with a unique patois. (For example, tour guide Lynton Thomas explains, "If you hear something that sounds like minago, it means 'I'm not going.'")

Lodging: The Beach House 2007 rates range from $750 to $1,264 per room, including a full breakfast and dinner; 888/776-0333 or Coco Point Lodge; 212/986-1416. K Club;

Transportation: The Beach House books the approximately 20-minute flights to and from Antigua on Caribe Aviation and provides van transport to and from the airport. Airfare totals approximately $45 each way, per person. Barbuda Express Limited operates round-trip ferry service between Antigua and Barbuda for $30 each way; 268/560-7989 or

Diversions: Book Barbuda island tours through The Beach House, or call Mr. Thomas at Paradise Tours Barbuda; 268/721-2796. Either can arrange a boat excursion to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, where October to February is the peak time for observing the colorful mating ritual of the frigate birds. Barbuda Day Tour runs single-day trips from Antigua. A $135 fee includes ferry transport, a visit to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, a beach picnic, and a mini island tour; 268/728-0773.

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