Copenhagen's Best Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Shops

Where to eat, drink, sleep and play in Europe's coolest coastal capital. 

The Copenhagen waterfront is a magnet for eating, drinking, and strolling.

Copenhagen offers an abundance of beautiful hotels, world-class dining, incredible bar life, and design-rich shopping. Here are 13 great spots for taking advantage of this European capital's riches.

Where to Stay

The funky, affordable Ibsens Hotel features retro-inspired rooms. Rates start at $100 USD; Hotel SP34 is an ultra-stylish newcomer with a private cinema, three noteworthy restaurants, and a chic rooftop bar. Rates start at $150 USD; Skt. Petri has spacious, light-filled, Nordic-cool suites. Rates start at $142 USD; D'Angleterre is Copenhagen's most famous hotel and looks better than ever after a multimilliondollar face lift. Rates start at $366 USD;

Where to Eat

Beyond Noma lies a city full of fantastic dining. Lumskebugten restaurant is a great place to try smørrebrød, Denmark's famous open sandwich, in an elegantly eclectic setting; The Standard is four terrific harborside venues in one, overseen by Claus Meyer, the godfather of New Nordic cuisine; Head to Restaurant Tårnet for a romantic setting—in a castle tower—with thoughtful, ingredient-driven menus to match; A fun new food market, Copenhagen Street Food is inspired by Southern European market culture and American food trucks; Hip Uformel showcases rare ingredients such as monkbeard—an ocean plant found only in Nordic regions—preserved fish, pickled vegetables, and biodynamic wines;

Where to Shop

One of the world's greatest department stores, Illum is a one-stop shop for gorgeous Scandinavian design, from homewares to fashion; Hay stocks sleek, contemporary Danish furniture, rugs, and collectibles; Sögreni Cykler is worth a visit to understand the Danish obsession with two wheels; If you have a hankering to take home some smoked fish or other Danish delights, the kaleidoscopic food hall Torvehallerne is the place to go;

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