Leo DiCaprio’s New Private Island Resort Revealed

Get a first look at the actor's eco-friendly resort in Belize.

Originally published by Travel + Leisure

Travelers curious to see Leo DiCaprio’s anticipated eco-resort, Blackadore Caye Resort, now have the chance. New renderings show what the property in Belize will look like when it opens, which is expected to be late 2018. DiCaprio announced plans to turn his private island into a resort, with a focus on revitalizing its surrounding environment.

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To determine the finalized design of the property, DiCaprio and his team spent the last six months gathering feedback from both local stakeholders and local, leading to changes that will include removing the original design plan of over-water bungalows.

Instead, the hotel will feature 36 resort bungalows and 36 estate homes for rent on the island, with half of the island will be a protected wildlife preserve.

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To design the accommodations, the project’s lead design architect Jean-Michel Gathy took inspiration from Mayan architecture, using thatched roofs and wooden features and adding a modern twist with elements like marble.

Inside, guests will find features like circadian lighting, and solar panels will be installed outside to provide power and water will be collected from rainwater.

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Blackadore Caye Development Group, which is leading the development of the project, plans to improve environmental conditions by replanting mangroves, bring in native species to replace invasive ones, and work to improve reef and fish breeding conditions.

The project is one of DiCaprio’s efforts towards making protective environmental changes, which also includes the recent release of his new documentary, “Before the Flood.”

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