Winter Wonderland

Canada's Prince Edward Island is known as an idyllic summer getaway, but it's also loaded with cold-weather charm.

Hunter River Mill

Photographer John Sylvester

Enchanted Isle

Perched above the ocean, the red sandstone cliffs of Prince Edward Islad are swirled with a layer of crisp, white snow. On the shore below, the once frothing surf has turned to chunks of ice. Prince Edward Island—Canada's smallest province—may seem snowbound in the winter, but the chill winds breathe fresh excitement in this scenic spot.

Left: A restored mill still hums in the rural village of Hunter River.

Prince Edward Island National Park

Photographer John Sylvester

Peaceful Retreat

Ice lines the shore of Cape Turner in Prince Edward Island National Park.

Strathgartney Provincial Park

Photographer John Sylvester

Snow Capped

A tree-lined trail in Strathgartney Provincial Park

Prince Edward Island beach

Photographer John Sylvester

Winter Escape

A snow-covered beach in Prince Edward Island National Park

Dalvay Pond

Photographer John Sylvester

Snow Job

Skaters glide along frozen Dalvay Pond in Prince Edward Isand National Park.

Hunter River barn

Photographer John Sylvester

Let It Snow

A barn near Hunter River in central Prince Edward Island

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Photographer John Sylvester

Light Bright

In the winter, ice floes often course along the Gulf of St. Lawrence,

Black-Capped Chickadee

Photographer John Sylvester

Birding Paradise

PEI is a year-round haven for birds, like this black-capped chickadee.

Mayfield farmstead

Photographer John Sylvester

Glistening White

A farmstead in Mayfield

Covehead Harbour Lighthouse

Photographer John Sylvester

Bay Beacon

The Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, built in 1967, stands sentry over Covehead Bay in Queens County.

Breadalbane farmhouse

Photographer John Sylvester

Night Light

A farmhouse in Breadalbane

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