9 Packing Hacks That Will Lighten Your Suitcase

Here's how to fit 10 days' worth of necessities in a carry-on suitcase

Originally published by Money

These days, it’s pretty expensive to check your bags. The median fee is $25 for your first bag and $35 for your second. Fly roundtrip with a family of four, and you’re looking at an extra $200 in fees.

Looking to avoid the charges? You could fly Southwest, MONEY’s Best in Travel Awards Platinum winner for Best Airline. Your first and second checked bags come with no additional charge. Or you could attain elite status on a frequent flier program.

Or you could pack lighter. In the video above, our travel experts show you how to fit 10 days’ worth of necessities in a carry-on suitcase. Win-win: Save money, and avoid heavy lifting.

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