Try Living in a Tiny House with These Coastal Container Home Rentals

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb
Just a short walk from the sea and sand of Carolina Beach, these container homes offer tiny living and a beach vacation in one.

Intrigued by the tiny house trend, but not quite ready to commit to the minimalist lifestyle? Try renting a tiny home—or, in this case, two—and get your beach vacation fix at the same time.

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This pair of container homes in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, offers tiny living in bright blue shipping containers that have been beautifully outfitted with modern amenities and décor. The houses can be rented separately or together, for larger groups, on Airbnb. Located on adjoining grassy lots just a few minutes from the beach, the houses—called The Conchs—have plenty of outdoor space, including patios and teak outdoor showers, to balance out the small interiors of just 320 square feet each. (For reference, the average house size in the United States is 2,467 square feet, more than seven times the size of these tiny houses.)

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Built in 2015 and 2016 as unique but low-profile rental options on one of North Carolina’s barrier islands, these one-bedroom houses each rent for $125 per night. Each has one small bedroom, with a full bathroom and a cozy living space. Each container sleeps two adults; one, “Home #2,” can also fit a small child. There is a small kitchen in each home, but counter space and appliances are minimal: Just what you need for a short stay at the beach.

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The interiors are modern and simple, with white walls and mahogany hardwood floors. Each home is a studio, with the bedroom separated from the living space by a narrow hallway. High ceilings and ample windows and glass doors fill the spaces with light, keeping them from feeling too cramped.

Scroll on for more images of these cozy properties, and click here or here to see the Airbnb listings if you’re interested in venturing into the tiny home lifestyle. Just remember to pack light!

All photos courtesy of Airbnb

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