Wish You Were Here...

Rental information for this Key West cottage

Accommodations: Two bedrooms plus loft, two and a half baths

Rates: June 1-Nov 30, $5,000 per month; Dec 1-May 31, $7,500 per month

Availability: Year-round

Location: Key West historic district

Nearest airport: Key West International (EYW)

Amenities: Central heat and air, high-speed Internet, driveway with parking, pool, outdoor shower, in-deck hot tub, four televisions, two VCRs, DVD player, and washer/dryer. Rental rates include all linens.

Need-to-know info: Maximum occupancy six persons, minimum stay 30 nights, pets allowed

Don't miss: Snorkeling the Dry Tortugas; 877/463-6539

Contact info: rentkeywest.com or 800/833-7368

(published March 2007, updated April 2010)

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