Wish You Were Here...

Brian Vanden Brink
Make your own French connection.

Accommodations: two bedrooms, two baths, sleeps up to six

2006 Rates: winter, $7,600 per week; summer, $5,600 per week; Christmas, $9,300 per week

Availability: year-round

Location: hillside overlooking Caribbean Sea (five-minute walk to beach)

Amenities: air-conditioning in all rooms, views of the Caribbean Sea from all rooms, infinity pool, large deck furnished with chaise longues, shaded veranda, daily housekeeping, Internet service, satellite TV

Need-to-Know Info: children welcome, chef services upon request

Contact: West Indies Management Co.; 888/817-5123 or wimco.com (Enter "SIB MCK" into search field.)

published April 2006

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