Wish You Were Here...

J. Savage Gibson
Round up your gang here.

Accommodations: eight bedrooms, eight full baths, three half baths, sleeps 16

2006 Rates: winter, $3,900 weekly; fall/spring, $4,125-$5,900 weekly; summer, $8,900-$11,900 weekly

Availability: year-round

Location: oceanfront

Amenities: pool, hot tub, covered poolside cabana with fireplace and outdoor speakers, elevator, home theater room with DirecTV/surround-sound system and 12 seats, game room, fireplaces in master bedroom and rec room, two sets of washers and dryers, kid stuff (high chair, crib, baby rocker)

Need-to-Know Info: no pets, no smoking, seven-night minimum stay, cleaning service included in price

Contact: Carolina Designs Realty; 800/368-3825 or carolinadesigns.com

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