These Bathtubs Have the Best Ocean Views in the World

… and you can try them out for yourself with these luxurious beach rentals. If you don’t already have a bathtub bucket list, these relaxing spots might inspire you to make one.

Bathtub-with-a-view might not be the first criterion that comes to mind when you imagine your perfect beach vacation, but after seeing these serene spots, you’ll want a scenic soaking tub on every trip. Thanks to these properties from TripAdvisor Rentals, you can take your perfect beach bath without missing a single moment of the ocean view.

1. Villa Hawksbill, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Villa Hawksbill, on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, looks out on the clear blue waters of the Atlantic. This lavish compound has a wide sandy beach in addition to its lap pool and Jacuzzi—and, of course, its lovely outdoor bath, which has a clear view of the water through a shuttered window that can be closed for privacy.

This beautiful oceanfront villa sleeps 16 and has eight bedrooms and eight baths. It is available fully staffed with a butler, cook, and housekeeper starting at $7,475 per night.

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2. The Cliff Penthouse, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

This BVI penthouse offers a romantic retreat for two in a cliff-side suite. Tucked into a rocky outcrop on Virgin Gorda, the Penthouse has a wraparound terrace and a full-size swimming pool to accompany its cerulean vista. Spending hours in this elegant bath is a no-brainer, and early risers will love the sunrise view from this east-facing spot.

The Cliff Penthouse has one bedroom and one bath and sleeps two guests. It includes access to the Oil Nut Bay resort and is available starting at $1,750 per night.

3. Villa Horizon, Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

Head east to visit this blissful island escape on the western coast of Thailand’s Phuket. The ocean views here are mesmerizing, and the lush jungle that surrounds the house lends the property an otherworldly feel. The interiors, including the beautiful soaking tub, are designed with natural hues and patterns that both energize and soothe, making this scenic bathtub even more relaxing.

Villa Horizon has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and sleeps 14 guests. The villa is fully staffed and available starting at $3,470 per night.

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4. Bayuh Sabbha (House of Breezes), Bukit, Bali, Indonesia

Make a great escape to storied (and stunning) Bali with the House of Breezes, a spacious villa that overlooks the Indian Ocean. The cliff-side property has open-air living spaces that make the most of the fresh breezes off the water and luxuries like an infinity pool. The master bathroom, which boasts the picturesque bathtub, also has access to these breezes—and is the perfect vantage point for watching the sunset.

This estate is fully staffed and sleeps 10; it has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and sleeps 10 guests. It is available starting at $1,900 per night.

5. Villa Bonita, Fitts, Saint James Parish, Barbados

This Caribbean retreat has all the natural beauty this sun-soaked corner of the world is known for, plus the luxuries of a modern resort. Located on Barbados’s Platinum Coast, Villa Bonita has a beautiful contemporary interior that is incredibly soothing. The custom baths help: the villa has four of them, including this beauty with a water view.

The 9,200-square-foot property has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It sleeps 12 guests, has butler service, and is available starting at $3,150 per night.

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6. Beachfront Villa, St. Barts

St. Barts is as removed and serene as it gets, and this classic Caribbean villa furthers the feeling of peacefulness. A mix of natural woods and neutrals helps this property pop against its stunning turquoise backdrop while maintaining the element of relaxation, and details like this open-air soaking tub add the finishing touches.

With six bedrooms and six bathrooms, this idyllic property sleeps 12. It is available starting at $14,286 per night.

All photos courtesy of TripAdvisor Rentals

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