Free Coastal Living Screensaver (v3.0)

Download our latest screensaver. It's filled with all-new coastal scenes.

Screensaver v3
Click on your operating system to download the screensaver.

Windows (compressed)
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Mac Os X (compressed)
Mac Os 8-9 (compressed)

Coastal Living® Screensaver v3.0

Photographer contact information:

Clineff, Kindra

Gray, Sara

Hill, Douglas

Metcalf, Shelley

Toft, Roy

• Optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
• Press Esc to exit the screensaver.
• Click anywhere on the image to open a browser window and go to

• Click on the link for your operating system.
• Save file to desktop or some other location and double-click on the icon to extract the file.
• Double-click on screensaver icon to install the screensaver. A customization control panel will appear after installation is complete.

File Size: 9.3 MB

Download time estimates:
Connection Speed — Time
Modem (56 Kb) — 24 min
ISDN (128 Kb) — 10 min
T1 — 1 min
Cable — 30 sec

Flash player - included in most versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer

For Macintosh - OS 8.6 or later or 10.1 or later (two versions of screensaver available for download)

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