The Two Happiest States are on the Coast!

Two coastal states have been ranked the happiest in the country. Did your state make the top 10?

Originally published by Travel + Leisure.

For the sixth time, Hawaii was named the happiest state in the country, according to a Gallup poll.

Alaska was ranked the second-happiest state in the country for the third consecutive year, and Colorado was ranked in the top 10 happiest states for the ninth year in a row—the only other state besides Hawaii to do so.

West Virginia and Kentucky, for the eighth year in a row, were named the two unhappiest states.

The data is based on interviews with 177,000 adults across the country, wherein they were asked questions about their lifestyles. Gallup then determined a “well-being score” based on respondents’ views on their social lives, finances, community, motivation, and physicality.

Happiness around the country tends to follow a regional pattern: States with more access to nature generally tended to be happier in Gallup’s poll.

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The happiest states are those outside of the continental U.S. Next happiest are states in the Northern Plains and the Mountain West. The states with the lowest well-being scores are in the South and industrial Midwest. For the complete list, head over to Gallup, or scroll on for the happiest 10 states:

1. Hawaii

2. Alaska

3. South Dakota

4. Maine

5. Colorado

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6. Vermont

7. Arizona

8. Montana

9. Minnesota

10. Texas

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To see the least happy states, visit Travel + Leisure’s full list.

Images: Getty Images (5 – Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, Arizona); Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images (1 – South Dakota); Getty Images/iStockphoto (1 – Colorado); Getty Images/Gallo Images (1 – Montana); Getty Images/First Light (1 – Minnesota); Getty Images/Robert Harding World Imagery (1 – Texas)

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