Top Five Places for Winter Surfing

Fran Gealer
Former professional surfer Sean Mattison divulges his favorite locales for cool ocean waves.

Sean Mattison, 2003 U.S. surfing champion and the current assistant coach for the PacSun USA surf team, can be found surfing the globe year-round. Grab a board and chase down his five favorite spots to catch some serious wintertime ocean action.

1.  Black’s Beach, San Diego, California. This 2-mile-long strip of sand is known for amazing waves on its southern end.

2.  Hanalei Bay, North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. The North Shore has plenty of sandy spots, but head to this crescent-shape bay for gorgeous scenery and good waves for beginners.

3. Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside California. Hang ten at one of San Diego’s widest beaches, which draws bodysurfers, boarders, and swimmers.

4. Rincon Bay, Puerto Rico. Known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean, this spot includes six beaches and is sought after for fierce waves.

5. The Superbank on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This southern stretch of the GC is home to some of the longest rideable waves in the world.


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