You'll swoon over these creative and oh-so-detailed crafts!

By Mary Tomlinson
December 18, 2017
Sugar & Cloth via; Laura Gummerman via 

For craft and candy lovers alike, gingerbread houses are a deliciously detail-oriented holiday undertaking. Who doesn’t love a craft you can work on and snack on at the same time? But like all holiday traditions, we love seeing them with a bit of coastal flair.

Which is why we’re in love with the Retro Camper Gingerbread House from Sugar & Cloth and the Palm Springs Gingerbread House from A Beautiful Mess. These bloggers know their way around gingerbread, fondant, and (lots of!) royal icing, and the results are as pretty as they are sweet. So get ready to ogle at our favorite coastal gingerbread creations, and learn how to build these sugary beach abodes yourself for a show-stopping holiday centerpiece.

Old Florida Charmer

Decked out in colorful coastal pastels, this retro camper captures the laid-back vibe of a holiday by the sea.

Sugar & Cloth via

The camper itself—covered in pale mint green fondant—can be built easily using Sugar & Cloth’s printable templates. The dainty string of multi-colored lights is fashioned from candied sunflower seeds glued with royal icing (a gingerbread house-making staple) to twine, and the windows are made of melted butterscotch, giving the camper the appearance of being lit from the inside.

The lounge-tastic beach chair—an genius addition to any gingerbread house that needs a little seaside flair—is made of graham crackers and woven sour belts. No beach house is complete without sand, and Sugar & Cloth’s perfect neutral hue comes from a mix of brown sugar and course organic sugar. To keep all that “sand” in check, Sugar & Cloth recommends building your gingerbread creation on a tray, which also makes it easy to display around the house.

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But the real cherry on top of this saccharine holiday centerpiece? The hot pink jellybean flamingo lawn ornament, the embodiment of the Old Florida kitsch we love.

For the full tutorial on how to make your own Retro Camper Gingerbread House, visit Sugar & Cloth.

Pretty in Palm Springs

Okay, we know Palm Springs isn’t on the coast—but this gingerbread house is loaded with beachy touches!

Laura Gummerman via 

A Beautiful Mess constructs their Palm Springs haven in a lovely butter yellow. But like all gingerbread houses, the beauty is in the details. Pairs and trios of palm trees, cleverly made of Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes and green Airheads, tower over the ranch-style house. Other lush landscape details include the multi-colored cacti (popped out of cactus-shaped candy molds) and a mix of dark and light green sprinkles for a well-manicured “lawn.”

Laura Gummerman via 

The bright blue “in-ground” swimming pool (thanks, Icee squeeze gel!) continues the lively color palette of this gingerbread charmer. Top it off with a chocolate wafer diving board and a Peachie-O inner tube, and you can practically feel the warm California breeze.

For the full tutorial on how to make your own Palm Springs Gingerbread House, visit A Beautiful Mess.

Light Up the Water

For a more literal take on a coastal gingerbread house, we turn to a Coastal Living favorite—our own Gingerbread Lighthouse!

Becky Luigart-Stayner

For this nautical creation, the signature red and white stripes—made of white wintergreen gum and spicy cinnamon gum—guarantee your lighthouse could be spotted across the bay (or Christmas party). For a more natural lighthouse look, an organic arrangement of rock candy gives an authentic sea-weathered look.

Every lighthouse needs a quaint keeper’s cottage. Here, Butter Snap pretzels are used for windows, and yogurt-covered round pretzels act as wreaths with a bit of red licorice tied into a bow.

Finish the wintry scene with a dusting of powdered sugar for that “just-snowed” look, craft a pretzel and candy cane dock that leads to an ocean of blue icing, and your gingerbread wonderland is complete.

For the full tutorial on how to make your own Gingerbread Lighthouse, click here.