Photo: Stephen Devries, Styling by Rachael Burrow

Bring home a taste of vacation with small-batch sea salts harvested from your favorite shore

By Chris Hughes

Bulls Bay Saltworks
South Carolina

The key to this Sean Brock favorite is extremely clean water from the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. $15 (4 oz.)

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt

Husband-and-wife team Heidi Feldman and Curtis Friedman have resurrected the island's once great saltworks tradition after an almost 200-year lull. $15 (2 oz.)

San Juan Island Sea Salt

Brady Ryan puts his solar-produced salt through a more intensive evaporation process to better highlight the trace minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) found in the Pacific. $12 (6 oz.)

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Atlantic Saltworks

Sprinkle on brownies and cookies, as owners (and Salem-based bakers) George and Jodi Bradbury do. $10 (2.1 oz.)

Marblehead Salt Co.

This New England label approaches salt like the great winemakers of Bordeaux, blending batches from 14 sites around Massachusetts to enhance the flavor profile. $30 (7 oz.)

Cellar Salt Co.

Former chef Jeremy Conner ditched the kitchen to open this operation dedicated to capturing the same merroir present in his favorite Gulf oysters. $9 (1.4 oz.)

Seasoning Smarts

At Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, you can immerse yourself in salt tastings and interactive salt-harvesting workshops, all led by Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra and his team, who farm the restaurant's salt from Terranea Cove. Packages start at $70 per person.