Bring home a taste of vacation with small-batch sea salts harvested from your favorite shore

By Chris Hughes
March 22, 2017
Photo: Stephen Devries, Styling by Rachael Burrow

Bulls Bay Saltworks
South Carolina

The key to this Sean Brock favorite is extremely clean water from the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. $15 (4 oz.)

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt

Husband-and-wife team Heidi Feldman and Curtis Friedman have resurrected the island's once great saltworks tradition after an almost 200-year lull. $15 (2 oz.)

San Juan Island Sea Salt

Brady Ryan puts his solar-produced salt through a more intensive evaporation process to better highlight the trace minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) found in the Pacific. $12 (6 oz.)

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Atlantic Saltworks

Sprinkle on brownies and cookies, as owners (and Salem-based bakers) George and Jodi Bradbury do. $10 (2.1 oz.)

Marblehead Salt Co.

This New England label approaches salt like the great winemakers of Bordeaux, blending batches from 14 sites around Massachusetts to enhance the flavor profile. $30 (7 oz.)

Cellar Salt Co.

Former chef Jeremy Conner ditched the kitchen to open this operation dedicated to capturing the same merroir present in his favorite Gulf oysters. $9 (1.4 oz.)

Seasoning Smarts

At Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, you can immerse yourself in salt tastings and interactive salt-harvesting workshops, all led by Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra and his team, who farm the restaurant's salt from Terranea Cove. Packages start at $70 per person.