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Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier

2010 Seafood Dives 

We scoured the coast—and filled our paper plates—to find the seaside dives with the tastiest dishes, from fried shrimp to fish-and-chips.

Best Seafood Dives in America

2009 Seafood Dives 

Check out the complete list of our annual roundup then hit the road to find your favorites.

New England Clam Chowder

East Coast Dives 

Whether feasting on lobster or Lowcountry fare, you'll find first-rate dishes at these Atlantic establishments.

LuLus Boiled Shrimp

Southeast Dives 

Come as you are, but bring an appetite when you delve into the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast's best offerings.

East Coast Seafood Dives

West Coast Dives 

Sample the Pacific's rich offerings at casual eateries from salmon country to San Diego.

Great Lakes Seafood Dives

Great Lakes Dives 

We took the plunge and found some keepers along these salty shores.

Seafood Dive Other Coasts

Other Coasts Dives 

Forget the frills. It's all about flavor in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii.