By Marisa Spyker
October 30, 2015

What are you dressing up as this weekend—or more importantly, what are you drinking? Whether you’ve had your costume picked out for weeks or are still scrambling for ideas, figuring out your signature sipper can play a big part in enhancing—or determining—your festive ensemble. Here are 10 popular costume ideas and the killer coastal cocktails to match.

Because the ice queen (from Disney’s Frozen) wouldn’t have her cocktails any other way. This fruity, slushy, vanilla-vodka infused treat is a party pleaser (and worth investing in a shaved ice maker for).Buy the Costume.Get the recipe.

Emerald City, meet Emerald Mint Martini. This wicked good cocktail combines vodka and crème de menthe for a fresh, sweet take on a classic martini.Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

What drink could go more purr-fectly with the classic cat costume than our Sea Island Milk Punch? It’s decadent and creamy with a hint of vanilla—we guarantee you’ll be lapping up every last drop.Buy the costume. Get the recipe.

Channel the blonde bombshell with a cocktail that emanates old Hollywood glamour thanks to its sultry hue, sweet flavor, and sparkling finish.Buy the costume. Get the recipe.

Life is better down where it’s wetter – where the sipper of choice is saltwater. On land, our version is a little tastier, with strawberry-, watermelon-, and jalapeno-spiked goodness finished off with a dash of sea salt.Buy the costume. Get the recipe.

There are only two rules to sporting this costume-and-cocktail pairing: Always mix up the potent punch by the pitcher, and never let it run out.Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

The most classic of 50s TV stars calls for a classic cocktail—with a twist. Fresh fall cranberries elevate the traditional negroni with a hint of sweetness.Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

What does a vampire drink for breakfast? Blood orange juice, of course. This happy hour version blends three different fruit juices with bourbon for a scary-good treat.Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

Salute thy country with a patriotic martini made with vanilla vodka, Frangelico, and half-and-half.Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

Ginger beer and mint-infused simple syrup make this rum cocktail an incredibly smooth sipper. (Just be careful: It won’t take much to do the drink’s name justice.)Buy the costume.Get the recipe.

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Photos: All costumes courtesy of; Cocktails:; Rex Perry; Michael Kraus (3 - 5); Howard L. Puckett; Tara Donne (7-8); Michael Kraus (9-10).