From grilled scallops to broiled oysters, these delicious seafood starters are sure to become party staples.

By Kristen Shelton
March 13, 2007
Jim Bathie

Diver Scallops Grilled on Rosemary
Sweet and tender, grilled scallops make a lovely beginning. Rosemary skewers infuse a hint of lemon, creating a perfectly seasoned bite. Combined with fragrant basmati rice, this appetizer will appeal to any seafood lover.

Shrimp Saté with Peanut Sauce
This Indonesian favorite packs a punch―hints of spice (ginger, crushed red pepper, and four cloves of garlic) combine with sweet and cool flavors (peanut butter and cilantro) to make the sauce just hot enough. Brush it over succulent shrimp and grill, but don’t forget to save some for dipping.

Vineyard Lobster Dip
With just a few ingredients, this easy appetizer is ideal for hosts on the go. Pack it alongside some crunchy vegetables or pita chips for a beach picnic. The hardest part of making this delicious dip is saving it for the guests!

Broiled Oysters with Celery Cream and Virginia Ham
While slightly more complex than the rest of our selections, delivers terrific flavor. Creamy celery and salty Virginia ham enhance the subtle taste of the oysters. Be sure to use Atlantic varieties (the chef prefers Chincoteague)―they will be the perfect size.

Blue Crab Dip
Simple but delicious, this hot and creamy crab dip is sure to become a favorite among guests. The Swiss cheese and garlic add bite to the sweet crabmeat. Serve hot with crackers or toast, and don’t be surprised if the dish disappears quickly!

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