No matter how you like your crustaceans cooked, we've got the gear and decorations you need for a killer crab-centric celebration.

By Lindsey Ellis Beatty & Rachael Burrow
April 17, 2017

Set the Scene:

For the cutest crab place cards around, use a stencil to trace the shape onto cardstock. (We like this classic blue shade.) Make sure to cut a rectangular tab at the crab's belly, which you can fold back so the place cards stand on their own. Then pen your guests' names in pretty script.

Serve this: Simple Boiled Crabs with Garlic-Vermouth Butter

Use either Dungeness or blue crabs for this recipe. The tangy butter serves as a fantastic complement to the sweetness of the crab meat.

Get the Gear:

Our plan for this party? Serve crabs on enamelware platters and place colorful colanders down the table for guests to dispose of shells. Outfit the table with plenty of wooden mallets so everyone can take part in the cracking.