By Amy Bissinger
October 07, 2003

Prepare base by wrapping thick cardboard or piece of plywood (at least 16 by 18 inches) in white parchment paper. (You can also use a large cutting board.) Set aside.

Prepare Gingerbread Recipe.

After preparing gingerbread pieces, remove them from parchment and brush off excess flour. Fill a pastry bag or plastic zip-top bag with royal icing or melted chocolate. Pipe icing along the edges of the lighthouse walls and place walls together in a pentagon shape on prepared base. Hold or prop the walls in place until lightly set. Allow lighthouse walls to dry completely before proceeding.

Set large round walkway piece on a flat surface. Pipe icing on edges of lighthouse windows and place together to form a circular or pentagon shape in the middle of the gingerbread circle. Pipe icing along tops of windows and top with small circle. Let harden.

Pipe a thick circle of icing along the edge of walkway. Place pretzel pieces upright along the perimeter of the walkway to form railing posts. Hold or prop pretzel pieces in place until hardened. Using royal icing or melted chocolate, pipe dots on top of pretzel pieces and top with long rope of black licorice for railing. Pipe icing on roof and top with nonpereils or almond brickle.

Pipe icing on top of lighthouse walls and set walkway piece on top. Let harden. Pipe icing around windows and along outside edges of window pieces. Make "icicles" along edge of walkway by piping icing in a downward motion. Spread icing on walls of lighthouse and place chocolate candy rocks on walls, leaving about ¼ inch on corners. Coat 1 wall at a time with icing, or icing will dry before candy can be inserted.

Place red licorice twists in icing down the edges of lighthouse walls. Pipe icing around edges of door. Place door partially opened in doorway; let harden. Use green and red licorice or candy-coated chocolate pieces to fashion a wreath. Attach with a dot of icing.

To make water, spread crushed blue or green hard candies on parchment or greased foil. Bake at 350° for 5 to 7 minutes until melted. Let cool.

Spread remaining Royal Icing on base and arrange candy water, rock candy, chocolate-covered pretzels, candy lobsters, and candy fish. Store in a cool, dry location as excess humidity will cause any gingerbread structure to collapse.

All candy for Whaleback Light from Yummies on Coastal Rt. 1, Kittery Point, Maine, or 877/498-6643.