Consider these tips when planning a fondue party.

By Julia Dowling Rutland
June 05, 2006
 Jean Allsopp

• Fondue dippers need to be bite-size. Cut bread, fruit, and veggies into 1-inch pieces.

• Fondue sets come in a variety of styles. Ceramic pots work best for chocolate and cheese fondues. For foods cooked in hot broth or oil, always use metal pots. If using metal pots for cheese and chocolate, monitor the heat to avoid scorching.

• Canned fuel such as Sterno or burner paste is necessary when boiling broth or oil for savory fondues. These products generate a lot of heat that can burn cheese and chocolate. Use fuel when melting ingredients, but add a diffuser―or switch to candles―to keep foods warm.

• For ease and speed, cook fondues on your stovetop first, then keep warm on a fondue stand.

• For large parties, consider disposable bamboo skewers instead of fondue forks, which guests may end up double-dipping.