Hint: You may want some crab to go with your pint.

By Taylor Eisenhauer
July 03, 2018
  kulicki/Getty Images

Guinness lovers, rejoice! The Ireland-based beer-maker is opening its first brewery on U.S. soil since 1954, according to CNBC. Baltimore, Maryland, will be home to the $80 million facility—named the Guiness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House—and we can’t think of a better pairing than beer and blue crab (don’t forget the Old Bay).

The new brewery will have a visitor’s center, a 270-seat restaurant, and a taproom—a show of faith in the lucrative U.S. market. "The USA is probably the most dynamic and exciting beer market in the world right now, and, put simply, we'd like to be closer to the action," the brand’s new owner, Diageo, said in a statement.

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Though known for its famous dark stout, Guinness won’t be brewing any on Maryland’s shores—at least for now. The site will be focused on initially producing lager.

Pumped to plan a visit around your crab tasting extravaganza? Good news: The brewery is expected to open its doors August 3. Save us a seat at the bar.

[h/t CNBC]