Make this buttery classic in only 15 minutes.

By Micah A. Leal
September 14, 2018

As with any foreign dish that becomes an American classic, it morphs and changes from its original form to accommodate palates, preferences, and available ingredients. What you likely think of when you hear “scampi” is a departure from what it originally was in Italy.

“Scampi” (or langoustines) are actually small lobsters used in various traditional Italian dishes and typically made with butter, garlic, and white wine. However, after many iterations of Italian “scampi” have been served in nearly every coastal region of America, we’ve come to expect a particular form when we order it, one usually made with the shrimp that's abundant along American coasts, instead of the langoustines of Italy.

The Americanized shrimp scampi is also notable for its buttery garlic sauce flavored with a hint of lemon, and it makes for a great companion to some crusty bread or pasta. The simplicity and richness of the sauce complements the sweet taste of freshly cooked shrimp and makes for a meal that pleases everyone.

Our recipe for Sheet-Pan Shrimp Scampi is the easiest recipe you can find, as it only takes 15 minutes, and it is all made in the oven. Our recipe also calls for broccoli and tomatoes, giving additional crunch and brightness while lending more nutrients to the dish.

You can pair this recipe with bread or any pasta to make for a satisfying meal, but we would recommend eating this shrimp scampi with bucatini pasta, if you can find it. A bucatini noodle is a long straight noodle that has a small hole running from one end of the noodle to the other. This cavity in the noddle allows the pasta to absorb sauce both on the inside and outside, making it the ideal noodle for pasta dishes with an exceptionally delicious sauce (like our Sheet-Pan Shrimp Scampi).