Think you know lobster? Test your crustacean I.Q.

By Julia Rutland
May 21, 2009
Becky Luigart-Stayner


1.) There are two types of lobsters commonly found in the U.S.

2.) Maine sells the largest lobsters.

3.) Lobsters scream when you cook them.

4.) The green tomalley, or liver, is a delicacy.

5.) Lobsters have a lot of cholesterol and fat.


1.) TRUE. The American, or "true" lobster is the one Maine made famous. Spiny lobsters, also known as rock lobsters, live in warmer Southeastern, Southern Californian, and Caribbean climates and don't have claws like American lobsters. Most spiny lobsters are sold in the United States as frozen lobster tails because they lack claws.

2.) FALSE. To protect stocks, Maine law forbids harvesting lobsters that are more that 5 inches long. The largest recorded lobster was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, measuring 3 1/2 feet from claw to tail and weighing more than 44 pounds.

3.) FALSE. The high-pitched noise you might rarely hear is steam escaping the shell.

4.) TRUE AND FALSE. Yes, the tomalley is considered a delicacy to some, but because it's a filter organ—and water pollution is an increasing problem—we recommend skipping it.

5.) FALSE. Lobster has less of both than an equal portion of skinless chicken. But that doesn't include the melted butter!