As salmon swarm the streams, let recipes fill your dreams.

By Sawyer Riley
April 21, 2005
Brit Huckabay

It's that time of year again―the Pacific salmon run.Thousands of seafaring fish traverse freshwater streams as theyhead inland to spawn in the exact place from which they hatched.The cycle begins at sea, where the salmon live for two to sixyears, feeding on shrimp, herring, and other marine life. Fastingas they make their journey inland through freshwater streams, thesalmon derive all the energy used during their trek from fatstores. These nutritious fats add rich flavor to the fish.

The salmon play a role in sustaining Native American tribes ofthe Pacific Northwest. They also support the fishing and restaurantindustries while keeping the ecosystem balanced. In 1990, theAlaska legislature prohibited salmon farming, so the harvestconsists of only wild fish from these waters, mainly in late springand early summer.

Whether you buy salmon fresh, frozen, or smoked, the abundanceand reasonable prices of this natural resource this time of yearmakes it a perfect addition to casual lunches or elegantparties.

Here are a few easy recipes using various types of wildsalmon: