Try something different for dinner tonight-tasty pizzas featuring our favorite ingredient: seafood.

By Kristen Shelton
May 15, 2007

We're not surprised that pizza tops the charts as one ofAmerica's favorite foods. Americans eat approximately 100 acres ofpizza per day―or 350 slices per second. With all that dough,the varieties are endless. But this summer, feed your craving ourway―topped with delicious (and healthy) seafood. Here arefour of our favorite recipes, plus tips for making the perfectpie.

GrilledPizzettes with Smoked Salmon and Capers
Summertime calls for lots of impromptu neighborhoodget-togethers. If you're tired of basic hamburgers and hot dogs,add a new snack to the mix―grilled pizzas. These flavorfultreats cook in less than 5 minutes. Just top a thin crust withHavarti cheese, smoked salmon, and salty capers, and you arecookin' with gas (or charcoal, if you prefer). A squeeze of freshlemon juice adds just the right tartness.

Craband Spinach Alfredo Pizza
When you're hungry for something different, don't dial yourlocal pizza delivery. Thaw some frozen bread dough and pile on yourown toppings. Warm, lump crabmeat and gooey cheese blend to form apizza that's rich and delicious. Pour a chilled glass of white wineto enjoy while you wait.

SpicyCrawfish and Andouille Pizza on French Bread
Is this creation a Cajun feast or a pizza po'boy? Actually,it's both. Since crawfish season is under way, we can't think of abetter way to enjoy this Louisiana favorite than on a pizza. Andwhile we still love traditional pizza dough, we wanted to shakethings up a bit―with French bread. Just top with Andouillesausage, crawfish, and your favorite cheese. Each bite is a crusty,cheesy, delicious mess―just the way we love it.

Anchovyand White Bean Pizza
Anchovies―you either love them or you hate them.Traditionally, pizza connoisseurs added the small fish to "TheWorks"―pies full of tomato sauce, mozzarella, meats, andloads of veggies. But there's no works here. For our version, justskip the rich tomato sauce in favor of olive oil, and tradeParmesan for mozzarella. Then, add lemon juice, Northern beans,and―if you dare―anchovies.

Great Grilling
On balmy days, the last thing we want to do is turn on theoven. But we still need to eat, which is why the grill is ourfavorite summer appliance! It's easy to grill a pizza―usesome olive oil to coat the rack and the dough. Cook the oiled sideof the crust for just a few minutes and then turn it, applytoppings, and let it cook. To make things easier, try the ZaGrillPizza Cooker. We tried a recipe for GrilledShrimp Pizza―with a very tasty result. Our pie had anexcellent smoky barbecue flavor, cooked evenly on both sides, anddidn't stick. For more information on the ZaGrill, visit

Bite by Bite
We've given you the basics on seafood pizza―now developsome of your own recipies.

• When spreading sauce (or applying toppings), leave a1-inch border so the crust will crisp.

• To prevent sogginess, thoroughly drain (and pat dry) anytopping that might add moisture. If your crusts are still soggy,try prebaking the crust for about 8 minutes; then cool and addtoppings.

• Place the pizza pan on the lower rack closest to theheat source so the bottom will brown before the toppings and cheeseovercook.

• For a crispier crust, slide pizza directly onto the ovenrack for the last 2 minutes of baking.

• Cool baked pizza on a wire rack for 2 to 3 minutesbefore cutting to allow cooked cheese to set.

• For pizza that's just as good the next day―warm itup in the oven (400º) or in a hot skillet on top of thestove.