Harry Aldrich's 10 steps for plank success

By Judy Feagin
March 21, 2003
Brit Huckabay

Cedar is an excellent source of smoky essence. The hotter thegrill, the better the smolder.

Soak the plank before using to keep the fish moist.

If the fillet is skinless, lightly spray vegetable cooking sprayon the plank.

After placing your choice of plank on the grill, cover grillimmediately.

Cedar planks may catch fire on the edges. Don't panic--it's nottime to put a pizza in the oven. Keep a spray bottle handy, ordouse lightly with water.

Test your fish by poking it with your index finger. Test thethickest part. Rare is soft, and medium is perfect. If it's hard,put in a pizza.

Remove the entire plank from the grill. The edges will becharred, brittle, and smoldering. Use a pair of oven mitts and aspatula to remove the plank and place on a fireproof servingplatter or a cookie sheet.

If you are serving fillets, cut them into serving-size pieces,then carefully slide the spatula between the skin and meat.Servefrom the plank.

Do not reuse disposable planks.

Do not eat the plank. It takes incredible quantities of water,wine, or beer to wash down any size portion.