Zillow’s annual Home Trend Forecast predicts a crowd-pleasing kitchen trend may finally be gone for good.

By Marisa Spyker
January 25, 2018
Photo: Tria Giovan; Stylist: Heather Chadduck

There’s more than a few reasons to love decorating with white when you’re on the coast: White lets views of the turquoise sea really shine; it makes rooms feel airy and clean; it pairs well with every style; and it’s the blank canvas for all of your creative decorating ideas.  

But according to a new report, decorating with this timeless neutral—specifically in the kitchen—might be on its way out.

Zillow’s annual Home Trend Forecast, compiled based on the predictions of an expert design panel, recently put all-white kitchens (along with bar carts and succulents) in the category of fads to forget.

“While homes with all-white kitchens can be beautiful in photos, they are hard to keep clean and they may sell for less money,” says Zillow home design expert Kerrie Kelly.

In lieu of all white, Zillow points to one kitchen trend specifically that seems to be on the rise: light or medium wood cabinets with clean lines. Because of its natural shade and texture, wood typically adds warmth to spaces and makes them feel more inviting.

Photo by Tria Giovan; Styling by Liz Strong

We’re all for adding natural texture to the kitchen, whether it’s via wood cabinets or woven furniture. On the coast, it connects the home to the outdoors and brings a dose of that laid-back feel we all crave in a beach home.

David Hillegas

The kitchen is a great place to be brave with color, too. A bold backsplash or a vibrant shade on the lower cabinets and kitchen island feels fresh and fun, especially at the shore. And using blue in particular, according to Zillow, can make your home sell for $1,800 more than a home with a white kitchen.

Photo: David A. Land; styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow

Still, there is something that feels timeless about an all-white kitchen, and we can’t deny that feeling—like a big breath of fresh air—we get when we see one done up just perfectly (like these 10!).

So, while we’re not quite ready to call it quits on white, the report gives us food for thought—and a welcome chance to revisit these seriously beautiful non-white kitchens.

Photo: Amy Neunsinger
Photo by Peter Frank Edwards; Styling by Elly Poston
Photo: David A. Land; styling: Martha Bernabe
Brie Williams
Photo: Jessica Glynn; Styling: Liz Strong; Design: Celerie Kemble and Lindsey Herod