These gorgeous shades will make everyone—and we mean everyone—want to up their color game.

By Marisa Spyker
July 12, 2018

Color is one of those things that makes a home feel deeply personal—everyone has a favorite, and everyone has their own interpretation as to how different shades make them feel.

And while we can certainly pinpoint a small handful of shades that are bound to carry widespread appeal—Millennial Pink, Pineapple Yellow—we love a good trend report that gives us options.

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Enter the 42-hue color forecast just released by the experts at Sherwin-Williams. Comprised of six separate palettes each inspired by a different mood and personality, the shades range from classic neutrals to saturated brights—all paired together in ways that feel especially current. (And good news: We spy some swoon-worthy beach house palettes in the mix.)

Here are the six palettes to watch out for—and adopt in your own home—very soon:


The Enthusiast

If you’re not shy about color, this palette is for you. Bold takes on red, green, and blue define this seven-shade palette, which includes beachy faves like the deep teal of Oceanside (last year’s Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year!), and the lobster-like Positive Red—both top-notch options for a front door.


The Wanderer

Grounded in deep, earthy shades, this palette takes inspiration from "unbridled adventure.” “The Wanderer palette is sun-washed and warm,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It brings you to a modern desert made of one part cowboy, one part Scandinavian style that produces a luxurious result.” We’re especially digging the sand-and-sea vibes of Distance and Caramelized.


The Shapeshifter

Perhaps the most beach-perfect of the six palettes, this gang of soothing shades is influenced in part by “spiritualism” and “healing energy.” Not surprisingly, several of the paint colors—Endless Sea, Blue Sky, Celestial—remind us of the ultimate healer (the ocean).


The Aficionado

Like the feel of a favorite reading nook, this palette feels cozy, warm, and timeless. “When we say ‘Aficionado,’ it evokes an emotion of what is best in life, well-worn, and bespoke,” says Wadden. “It is ostentatious without being fake or showy, and has the right amount of charm to make it feel tasteful.”


The Naturalist

Channeling the colors of the earth mixed with your favorite romantic perennials, this sweet palette is influenced by old-school botanical prints and terrariums.  “It’s a place where color never fades,” says Wadden. Pink and green is a classic Palm Beach combo, and we’re loving the takes shown here (Eros Pink and Primavera, Delightful and Dard Hunter Green).


The Raconteur

Inspired by tastes from around the globe, this palette redefines what our new neutrals could be. “From rich red to muted mauve, Raconteur represents storytelling itself,” says Wadden. “These stories are a subtle reminder of how everyone is connected.”