The interiors of writer James Sturz's Hawaiian dream house begin to take shape.

By James Sturz
April 17, 2017

Last summer, when the windows were installed, we marveled at the views.

We’ve made huge strides in the last month, going from this:

To this:

From this:

To this:

That’s African mahogany in the library, with Cali Bamboo GreenClaimed Cork Flooring.

And from this:

To this:

We’ve used used Robern cabinets in all our bathrooms, creating more views like these:

Each sink in the master bath gets two Robern M Series cabinets, with a variable dimmer InLine light mounted beside it. Inside each cabinet, there are electric outlets, USB ports, programmable night lights, magnetic strips and built-in defoggers, along with a removable LED Entice Magnification Mirror that docks and charges while inside (for makeup, plucking, contact lenses, and other small scientific experiments).

The interiors of the cabinets are mirrored, too. With an additional 70” M Series mirrored cabinet beside the tub, facing the shower and reflecting the green on the other side. More Robern cabinets are positioned throughout the house in other bathrooms.

The powder room’s mirror is set above Robern’s V14 wall-mount vanity in Indian rosewood.

As construction has continued, I’ve learned that seeing and waiting is believing.

And that sometimes you want as little as possible before you, since everything is just beyond.