On the heels of a brutal hurricane season, more coastal dwellers are wondering: Are storm-resistant prefabricated homes the way to go? This small-but-mighty find has us thinking yes (and you can order it right now).

By Marisa Spyker
November 08, 2017
Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

Once upon a time, prefab homes were more known for their practicality than they were for their looks. Not so anymore.

Consider this mod little number by Dutch prefab company Cubicco. With its sleek lines, high ceilings, and indoor-outdoor appeal, the 685-square-foot home is designed to turn heads and stand up to the ugliest of storms.

Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

Located in Homestead, Florida—an area that was devastated 25 years ago by Hurricane Andrew—the model home is an example of what the future of storm-strong building might look like.

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Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

Prefabricated, or modular, homes are defined by the way they’re built—piece by piece in a warehouse, as opposed to directly on site (they’re later assembled at their destination). In addition to their storm-proof muscle, they’re often attractive for buyers because they come much cheaper and can be constructed in less time than a traditional site-built home (making them prime and frequent candidates for post-hurricane relief housing).

Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

Cubicco’s homes are built of laminated wood, rubber, and cork with impact-resistant doors and windows. As a package, they’re rated to withstand 180 MPH winds (well over the 157 MPH wind speed that classifies a Category 5 hurricane).

Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

That storm worthiness was recently tested during Hurricanes Irma and Maria, when several Cubicco structures were pummeled in the Caribbean and Florida and came through completely unscathed. 

The Cubicco-built Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys was among those hit hard by Hurricane Irma. It came through with zero damage.
Photo: Ray Kimbrough

Ready to post up in a prefab dwelling? The two-bedroom Cubicco Classic home starts at a reasonable $150,000, with optional add-ons for sustainable features like a rainwater harvesting system and vertical garden. An even smaller model—just 300 square feet—can be scored for less than $50,000. For more information on how to make one yours, contact Cubicco

Photo: Courtesy of Cubicco 

Prefab? Sounds pretty fabulous to us.