A hybrid of orange and pink, this sunset-inspired shade is an instant mood booster for both you and your guests.

By Marisa Spyker
June 14, 2018
Dethan Punalur/Getty Images

When you consider the interactions one might have with the color coral in nature (say, while snorkeling above a vibrant reef or admiring a perfect sunset), it might make sense to learn that staring at this classic coastal hue can make us happier.

But even aside from its mood-boosting qualities, coral is a psychological powerhouse, with benefits that make it perfect for homes that host a lot of guests.

Photo: Brie Williams; Styling by Liz Strong

A cross between lively orange and soothing pink, coral can adopt the psychological benefits of both colors depending on how vibrant or soft the shade is. More electric, bordering-on-red versions can boost energy and sociability, making it an ideal hue for spaces like an entry or bar area.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee, Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty

Pinker shades of coral feel inherently warm, approachable, and friendly. Try it in a guest room for a look that’s beachy and welcoming.

But all shades of coral are believed to share common qualities, too, including increasing positivity and ridding the mind of negative thoughts (it’s even thought to make waking up in the morning easier). But the most surprising quality of coral (and orange, in general) is its ability to stimulate appetites, “exerting a measurable effect on the autonomous nervous system,” says Pantone. (Hello, perfect kitchen color!)

Want your home to be everyone’s favorite gathering ground? Here are five ways to decorate with this trending hue.

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