Craving a room refresh? Here’s a cheat sheet for bringing chic, colorful coastal style home—for wallets of all sizes.

By Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Marisa Spyker
September 20, 2017
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Photo: Courtesy of Manufacturers

If you’ve ever wished for a living room worthy of a Coastal Living cover, you’re in luck. We tasked our style team with curating three quintessential coastal looks for the oft-used room. The results are a cocktail of colors, textures, and materials—must-haves in beach-inspired homes. (Views are a bonus!) The best part? We stayed budget conscious, with two looks coming in at under $2,500. (Okay, we went a little wild on the third.)

Whether you mix and match or stick to the recipe, each look is a prime starting point for a stellar living room redo. Here are our three looks, along with decorating secrets from Coastal Living Style Director Lindsey Ellis Beatty.

Photo: courtesy of manufacturers

When starting a room from scratch, it often helps to find one standout statement piece and work from there. For this room, that happened to be a vibrant (and budget-conscious) boho rug. “Urban Outfitters is a great source for affordable and stylish rugs,” says Beatty. “I loved the shell pink and sunshine yellow in this one, so I pulled more pieces in those colors. I also love to mix styles, so I paired the rug with a modern sofa and beachy wicker coffee table.”
Rug ($89) | Chair ($329) | End Table ($59.99) | Lamp, Set of 2 ($150) | Sofa ($299.99) | Palm Artwork ($178) | Coffee Table $205.26) | Knot Accessory ($37.98) | Ikat Pillow ($63.47) | Yellow Edge Pillow ($58.69)

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Photo: courtesy of manufacturers

For an extra grand, larger investment pieces such as the West Elm sofa (on sale and “the bargain of the century,” according to Beatty) and a glam chandelier come into the mix. The playful boardwalk print was the starting point for this collection and the inspiration for the eye-catching yellow accent chair. (“I love, love, love that chair!” says Beatty.) “Overall, I love the mix of materials in this one,” she says. “The velvet yellow chair, the brass details on the chandelier and chair legs, the mother-of-pearl coffee table, cement end table, and linen pillows and sofa together give the room depth and add to the luxe factor.”
Sofa ($899) | Yellow Chair ($411.49) | Rug ($199) | Shell Vase ($32.87) | Chandelier ($439) | End Table ($79) | Coffee Table ($269.99) | Boardwalk Print ($80) | Pink Pillow ($45.60) | Blue Pillow (43.68)

Photo: courtesy of manufacturers

If you’re wondering what happens when we’re let loose sans budget, here it is. Our sophisticated dream living room blends hues of mint, lavender, peach, and aqua with accents of metallic and grasscloth for texture. While the pieces individually are no doubt impressive (big hearts for that shell chandelier! And that sofa, and that armchair …), it’s the combo of everything together that makes it feel super high-end. “I’m not really into matchy-matchy patterns that try too hard, but I love to blend lots of colors,” says Beatty. “The overall effect is more cool and collected and less predictable. The best way to mix hues is to pick shades with similar color temperatures. This is usually easier when you have a bigger budget, because pieces often need to be customized so you get the right color nuances.”
Chair ($790) | Sofa ($3,698) | Rug ($1,204) | Chandelier ($998) | Coffee Table ($1,598) | End Table ($199) | White Pillow ($60) |  Peach Throw ($119) | Artwork ($1,125) | Tall Vase ($35) | Medium Vase ($15) | Short Vase ($10)