Follow these pointers from the New York designer to make your guests feel 100 percent at home.

By Coastal Living
July 29, 2014
Photo: Greg Browning

We asked designer and gifted host Thom Filicia for the best ways to outfit a guest room with a warm welcome.

Provide bedding options. “Put a light-weight cotton coverlet, a down duvet, and a wool or cashmere throw on the bed so guests have choices.”

Ditch the luggage stand. “Think of what a hotel offers, but then execute it in a less commercial way: Use an ottoman or bench for suitcases, which will make the room feel less like a hotel.”

Leave fresh towels on the bed. “Do three sets per guest—not too many or too few. The goal is for them to never have to ask for anything.”

Find your signature scent. “Scent is a luxury that makes the room feel more fabulous. The St. Barth’s candle from Vie Luxe has hints of white jasmine and green palm—it smells like vacation.” 

Make storage easy. “Open-top wicker baskets are extremely versatile and perfect for storing towels or folded clothes; keep one next to a dresser or bed.”

Place a care package close by. “A pretty bowl on the nightstand can hold things like pain relievers, reading glasses, a sewing kit—anything a guest may have forgotten.”