Whether you’re a novice crafter or a devoted DIYer, these spirited, sea-inspired projects are must-tries (or buys!).

By Marisa Spyker
December 04, 2017
Photo: Pinterest


Sunny Sign Up
If your idea of a white Christmas comes with flip flops and beach chairs (or if you just wish it did!) hang this painted wood sign above a mantle or near the front door to generate instant smiles.

Pretty Pinecones
Talk about an ingredient for a perfect holiday centerpiece. Painted pinecones can be done simply and easily with a can of spray paint (try sea foam green or gold—or a mix of the two!), but a more meticulous (and gorgeous!) option is hand-painting them so a hint of their natural hue shows through.

Pillow Play
Santa’s crabbier counterpart is the perfect model for this DIY pillow, which uses glittery felt and woven trim for a festive-meets-beachy feel.

Shining Shells
Hosting a nighttime holiday fête? Ditch the candles this year for these adorably beachy shell-filled Mason jars, which glow with a battery-powered LED light string tucked inside.

Dreamy Driftwood
Put your year’s worth of beachcombing finds to good use with a DIY wreath of washed-up treasures. The best part is you can arrange it however you like: in a hodge-podge of pieces or a more meticulously laid out design.

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Pearls of Wisdom
The sheen of oyster shells makes them a natural fit for holiday décor (and they’re easy finds on the shore or at your local oyster shack). Try a shell tree, or craft a fun votive holder like this one.

Faux Floats
Trade in traditional ball ornaments for colorful spheres inspired by fishing floats. This easy DIY uses foam balls and glossy paint, so you get the look without all the fragility of glass (great for holidays with kids—or playful cats!).

Against the Grain
Lots of beach houses never see snow, so in lieu of Frosty, meet the Sandman. This fun holiday craft uses foam balls and Mod Podge to create cute little ornaments to place around the house.

Star Power
Want to beach up an existing strand of garland? Grab a long piece of rope, tangle some starfish intermittently throughout, and wrap the whole thing loosely around the garland. Easy, breezy, and perfect for sassing up a mantle.

Mermaid for the Holidays
Swap a foot for a fin with these festive and oh-so-coastal takes on holiday stockings. It’s a project for an ambitious crafter, since there’s quite a bit of sewing involved, but you can also save time and purchase these finds on Etsy.